Precor AMT 100i

The Precor AMT 100i is one serious machine.

This is the same unit that you will find in gyms and health clubs across the country and all over the world.

The manufacturer has sold thousands of these.

It is a heavy duty commercial quality machine, capable of withstanding the rigours of continuous use by many people at gymnasiums and health centres.

This is really the king of all elliptical machines on the market today. Athletes and fitness gurus gush about the quality of this machine, because it is the same one that they use when they visit their club or gym.

The sheer quality is obvious, from the frame to the futuristic console that can also house an optional personal viewing screen.

This unit is specifically designed for easy use and freedom of movement for users of all abilities, fitness levels and size.

They will love the fluid motion and low impact workout.

That is what AMT means – Adaptive Motion Training, and literally adapts to your training wants.if you have a short or long stride it does not matter, it will adapt with you, even if you want to change to a stair climb, again it will simply adapt right along with you as you change your mind.

This gives an extraordinary amount of variety in your workouts. Arms and legs are coordinated and there is great freedom of movement.

The cardio workout you can get and overall conditioning from the Precor AMT 100i is fabulous.

The machine can apply resistance in both the horizontal and vertical planes.

It is also extremely quiet, and it is self powered and needs no electricity.

Precor AMT 100i Features

The machine has contra-lateral handlebars to reflect the way your body naturally moves, for a great upper body workout.

It has 20 levels of resistance and 4 user programs, which include heart rate, fat burner, interval, and manual mode.

The heart rate monitor is by way of grip pulse and there is the option of a wireless chest strap monitor which is sold separately.

There is a Stride

Dial which shows muscle engagement, and gives you instant feedback on how your particular muscle groups are responding at any given moment to your workout.

It has a 0” to 27” stride length which will allow anyone of any size, to feel comfortable and natural.

There is an option to connect a Cardio

Theater, which integrates into the console for your viewing entertainment.

An integrated rack holds your water bottle, MP3 player and cell phone, or a magazine.

The machine weighs 445lbs.

Its dimensions are H 69” x L 74” x W 28”, and it has a 350 lb user capacity.

It is covered by a 7 year frame, 2 year parts, and 1 year labour warranty.


1. The best machine of its type on the market.

2. The quality of the build is superb.

3. The same machine you see and use in health clubs and gyms.

4. Free Shipping!


1. It could include a few extras like a floor mat and wireless chest strap for heart monitoring.

2. Very expensive.


If money is no object, and you desire a commercial health club machine, this is it. The Precor AMT 100i is an engineering masterpiece.