Motivation in weight loss increases results

Are you motivated to lose weight? How determined are you to achieve those goals that you have set in your weight loss program? Without motivation you will get no where.

Motivation is a mind set that gives you extraordinary powers to succeed. When you are motivated in your weight loss goals, you are in fact now not only using your body to lose weight, but have begun to harness mind power to lose weight as well.

Recent research showed that in weight loss efforts, 20 to 25% of the weight loss was due to eating the correct foods. Another 10 to 15% was due to excercise. The balance of 60 to 70 % was due to the mind.
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We are created as mind, body and soul. Let us say that each shares an equal percentage of importance. When we try to lose weight using diets and physical methods, we are using only 33% of our resources and as shown in the figures above, results in approx 35% of weight lost. When we use our mind as well, this figure is doubled just by the mind. Ie physical = 33%. Mind = 67%.

What would happen if we added to this the powwer of the soul, or spirit. According to the above formula, physical efforts would then contribute to approximately 12 to 15%, the mind would contribute to 20 to 30 percent and the spirit or soul would be responsible for the balance 55 to 60% of weight loss. Combining these three ingredients of our life = a mind shattering weight loss program that relies very little on diet, but uses the spirit and the mind to do most of the work for you.

The above combination results in a weight loss program that is simple, easy to maintain and highly effective for weight loss. Such a program is available and those who have tried the program are shedding weight effortlessly and are finding that the weight that they have lost is just not coming back. Try it now.  Your outlook on weight loss and diets will be changed forever as you suddenly become able to easily lose weight, look good and maintain it permanently. What do you have to lose, except many pounds permanently.