Lose 5 In 7 Review

The Lose 5 in 7 Fastest Weight Loss System is created by Stephen Cabral.

As the name of the system implies, the objective of the program is to help you lose as much as 5 pounds within a week of using this program.

It is more than just a weight loss system as it is specifically designed for quick weight loss results.

In this book, you will learn how to increase your metabolism with what Cabral claims to be the 3 fat burning foods that you can intake.

There is also an exercise section dedicated to enhance your fat burning efforts with 3 exercise types that are easy to follow.

The book also shares its secrets on how to customize your meal plans to rev up your metabolism.

The Cabral Checklist is included so you can have a clear guide as to what you should (and should not do) while on this program – to achieve effective results.


1. As a health and fitness expert, the author of the book places major premium on health.

Therefore, you can be assured that all methods used in this program are designed to address any of your existing health issues or prevent the development of dangerous diseases.

2. Unlike other fad diets that are in the market, this program is based on methods that were used by actual people and have produced actual results.

3. With this program, there is no need to spend hours and hours on the gym without seeing results. It saves you both time and money.

4. It does not include fancy meal plans that take a lot of time to prepare.

5. It is suitable for people who are too busy to care about their health and fitness.

6. Unlike other authors of weight loss books, Stephen Cabral continue to practice the methods stated in his book that has been known to benefit several people.

7. All purchases are considered risk-free with its 60-day, money back guarantee.

8. There are 7 bonuses valued at $344 – all given for free.


1. This is not the program to use for individuals looking to build their body up or as a fitness preparation.

2. Weight loss is often most effective when utilizing gradual but long-term methods. Therefore, a rapid weight loss system is often not good for your health.


Stephen Cabrals Lose 5 in 7 is a comprehensive weight loss system that provides users with enough information to know what can make a diet succeed and fail.

It also relies on basic scientific premises that make weight loss a more rapid process.

However, there are certain limitations to this program such as the fact that it is intended for individuals who just want to get started on achieving a better health and fitness condition, and not specifically intended for use with training for professional and bodybuilding goals.

There are also several bonuses included in the program, so you actually get more than you paid for.