Addiction to High Calorie Foods and Weight Loss

Chocolates, cakes, pastries, sundaes and triple sundaes, who does not want to eat those all day long. They are great for satisfying your never ending hunger for sweetness, but with satisfaction comes along High Calories. To be able to eat high calorie food and maintain a stable body weight is possible for those who have multiple strenuous activities to be performed in a day and have a high metabolism rate.

An individual, who is addicted to high calorie food, should always make it a point to include a healthy diet in their food chart. Eatables like banana are highly nutritious containing plenty of minerals and vitamins, but they also contain 100 kcals. Similarly, Nuts contain hear healthy monounsaturates and other helpful ingredients, but do keep a watchful eye to the amount of calorie intake as well. Many think that juices are extremely healthy and are not treated as high calorie drinkables. But be careful, as you might be wrong, Juices like Pineapple Juice and Apple Juice contain as much as 100 kcal each.

So how can one maintain both aspects of an individual’s desire, eat high calorie food and still not gain weight. A simple logic behind this is one of the measures that can be adopted to achieve this. More details below : phenq gnc. ‘Burn more than you Eat’ if you want to loose weight. It really does not matter if one consumes thousands of calories in a day or a week. What matters is, are you burning the same amount and even more equally.

Another approach towards it is the intake of Phentimine375 which has the ability to burn fatty issues and flush them out of the body in the form of toxins, but has to be accompanied by lot of intake of water. PhenQ acts as an amazing appetite suppressant due to which an individual regains a control on the amount of calorie intake.

In addition to this PhenQ tends to lower down the cravings for sweets, which are the short for high calorie foods like chocolates and pastries. But one has to assure that a regular exercise regime with counselling is taken along with its intake. Also, the dosage of this pill has to be taken under medical supervision.

It is the human nature to be able to feel good about self when it comes to weighty issues. But if all the above said can be taken care off, you will not have to sacrifice on high calorie food and you will still be able to maintain your correct body weight.